Search Engine Optimization

The Stats

1150% increase in
daily Google impressions

Over 850 toxic
backlinks disavowed

400% increase in
daily clicks to website

The Business is the web’s largest directory of life coaches and business coaches, with more than 3,300 coaches in over 70 countries. Based out of Vancouver, Noomii provides a uniquely personalized matching system that matches clients with their ideal coach based on their unique goals, personality, and background.

Noomii wants people to thrive and live meaningful, engaging, and joyful lives, and they hold that life coaching is the best tool to make that happen.

The Challenges

After a seemingly routine algorithm update, Noomii was hit with a Google penalty due to poor SEO from a prior firm. Overnight, Noomii lost over 85% of organic search traffic and was no longer showing for over 90% of the search queries they were normally visible in.

Their engine stopped mid-air, and they needed someone who could ‘lift’ them back up to flying altitude. had very specific goals:

  • Investigate and determine the source of the penalty
  • Following Google guidelines, remove offending links and get the penalty removed
  • Restore website traffic and search query visibility


When we got penalized by Google, our business came to a grinding halt and we needed to get back into Google's good books right away. Josh Burrell and the team at Lift Division jumped onto the project within a day, reviewed thousands of links, and got the suspicious ones removed. Within a month, the penalty was removed and our rankings returned.

- Stephan Wiedner, CCO and Co-Founder


To get started, Lift Division performed comprehensive research and analysis to discover the source of the penalty and initiate a plan to remove it. Lift thoroughly vetted’s backlink profile using Google Webmaster Tools, MajesticSEO and Ahrefs as data sources. After careful analysis, Lift determined a significant number of backlinks that appeared to violate Google’s quality guidelines.

Following Google’s recommended practices, Lift reached out to hundreds of webmasters via email, social media and contact forms to request the removal or updating of nearly 1,000 backlinks. Through this process, Lift’s SEO team was able to remove the vast majority of backlinks, and submitted a disavow file to Google in order to remove the rest. Additionally, Lift submitted a request for reconsideration to Google in which outlined the process, explained the nature of the disavow and documented Noomii's new accordance with Google guidelines.

The Results

Within 30 days of becoming aware that had been penalized by Google, Lift Division had the penalty removed, restored to proper standing with Google, and returned their search traffic and search queries to pre-penalty numbers.

  • 1150% increase in daily Google impressions (800 to avg. 10,000)
  • 400% increase in daily clicks to website (65 to average of 325)
  • Over 100,000 search impressions since penalty removal