About Lift Division

In 2010, Lift Division was formed with the goal of lifting clients through data-driven marketing strategies and holistic digital branding.



A digital marketing firm based out of Columbia, Mo., Lift Division was originally founded by some big thinkers and a handful of motivated interns; and although the marketing landscape has shifted greatly over the years, our values have not.



From the start, we've focused on strong principles and our ability to use the success of others as a guide. In fact, one of the most motivating forces behind the inception of Lift was the brilliance of the Wright Brothers.



As many know, the Wright Brothers were the first people to successfully fly an airplane. But what's less well known is how they succeeded: Instead of simply increasing the horsepower of their engines as others around them were doing, the Wright Brothers focused on perfecting the finest details of a precision glider first - only then adding horsepower. They succeeded as a result of precision-building and planning before stepping on the gas.



We believe an exceptional inbound marketing strategy is very similar. Business owners should focus their initial efforts on planning and creating optimal vehicles (e.g. a business's website or other online profiles). Only after they've created their perfect glider - effectively and efficiently converting web-based leads to clients - should a business add horsepower through services like content marketing and paid search (PPC).

This philosophy has worked for us. Today, we've built over 400 responsive websites and developed inbound marketing plans with organizations throughout the world, including Noomii.com, The U.S. Army, gothamCulture, The University of Missouri and many others.




Lift Division is a digital marketing firm that specializes in inbound marketing solutions such as search engine optimization, search marketing, social media, public relations, web development and branding —but there’s more to us than that. We strive to be an organization that’s not just a fun place to work at and with, but one that’s also fundamentally sound and socially responsible.

We approach each day with 7 guiding principles that shape our relationships with clients and others we may influence.



We will lift the profits of our clients with data-driven marketing.

Probably the biggest buzz-phrase in the inbound marketing community is that “content is king.” While we don’t necessarily disagree, we more strongly believe that “profits trump all.” Sales can’t fix everything, but it can come pretty close. By focusing on increasing profits organically and ethically through solutions like content marketing, we’re able to provide cost-effective solutions that increase sales. And by continually reviewing metrics with our clients, we’re able to consistently evaluate our strategies in terms of ROI and increases in key performance indicators.

There are three key components of a business: people, products and profits. Since we can’t help our clients as much with the first two, we use a laser-focus on the latter. Increasing profits through inbound marketing techniques and gathering measurable results is our specialty.



We will lift the level of business integrity through complete honesty and transparency.

It’s been said that honesty and transparency can make you vulnerable. Whether or not that’s true, Lift Division believes in honesty and transparency anyway. We have little interest in creating relationships with clients that only last a month or two. Instead, we want to be business partners with our clients for the long term to help foster lasting success — and being a seamless extension of a client’s team requires an honorable partner.

We don’t take shortcuts. We do our work with authenticity, and we do things the right way every time. By being completely transparent, we aim to create a more meaningful and trusting relationship with all our clients.

We don’t believe in annual contracts with our clients. We believe our work will speak for itself enough that our clients will want to continue. We don’t charge an hourly fee — we charge by the minute. If we work for 17 minutes, we charge that client for 17 minutes. Our work is deliverables-based, setting clear expectations and further illustrating that we don’t make promises we can’t keep.



We will lift the bar of excellence through our work.

We’re not an ordinary company. We don’t have ordinary processes. We don’t do ordinary work. And we believe there is a lot of truth in the saying “you get what you pay for.” When a client invests in a website, an authority management package or anything else with us, we make sure they’re getting the most value out of their investment. We adhere to strictly white-hat optimization tactics, and we produce authentic work in our goal to exceed client expectations.

With 90% of purchase decisions influenced online, a businesses’ brand and web presence is not an area to mess with or cut costs around. On the Internet, it’s important to do things the right way the first time. Lift Division creates stunning websites, shareable content and heightened brands, and we’re committed to delivering only the highest quality of work to our clients.



We will lift awareness of today’s marketing landscape through education.

Bringing a product or service to market is more complicated than ever before — and advancing growth is even more challenging. One thing remains constant, though: Information is the most critical tool to break through barriers to success. We believe that by helping educate students and business organizations, we can help build successful business owners who eventually hire inbound marketing agencies like Lift Division to be a part of their team.

There’s little downside to giving back and educating others, and the Lift Division team aims to do as much as possible to educate those around us.



We will lift opportunity through creative ideas and insights.

Creativity is the one of the few things in life that gets increased and enhanced the more you use it. But being creative goes well beyond innovative graphics and visual elements — the Lift Division team strives to be creative thinkers, creative planners, and creative executors of strategic marketing plans as well.

Differentiation is a fundamental tenet of any successful business, and we’re constantly challenging ourselves to think creatively and outside the box to set our clients apart from the rest.



We will lift the success of fellow entrepreneurs and leaders.

Lift Division wants others to succeed. We want to be a catalyst for success and we know the first few steps can be the hardest. We believe it’s better to try and fail than never to have tried at all, and we think we’re all too often taught the same mantra from a young age — do as we’re told, go to school, and prepare to become someone’s employee or otherwise dismiss original ideas.

We say BS to that. Become an independent thinker. Learn to work hard. Find things you’re passionate about. Start something. Disrupt traditional thoughts. Think outside the box to solve problems or serve needs better. Try. Test. Build on ideas that pass. Reject ones that fail. Follow traction wherever it leads.

Lift Division is passionate about helping people who want to make things happen, and we love to share our experiences and provide guidance to fellow entrepreneurs.



We will lift the spirits of those around us.

Running a business can be incredibly difficult. The day-in and day-out grind of profit challenges and maintaining high spirit can foster fatigue and pessimism. So we adhere to a philosophy of “more fun in, more fun out,” and we try to share positivity with others.

Our humor is not always clean and we may have an occasional mid-day beer, but you’ll never hear anyone say we don’t work hard for our clients and do our best to share some fun and good times along the way.