Jamie Stephens

Chief of Digital Strategy

Jamie Stephens is Chief of Digital Strategy and co-founder of Lift Division. Jamie has been designing websites and developing simple, usable tools on the web for over 20 years. He formerly led the team that designed and developed Foliotek, a popular portfolio assessment tool for colleges and universities. In 2005, Jamie helped start the Center for eResearch at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he developed digital tools and programs for fostering collaboration on Internet-related research across the four-campus UM System. Jamie has built websites and applications for companies such as Miller's Professional Imaging, adventur.es, The Ad Sheet, Reynolds Journalism Institute, and many more.

Where you can find me when I'm not working:

Running on the MKT trail, coaching my son's baseball team, chasing my daughter, Coffee Zone, ironing

What I bring to the table:

20 years of web development experience (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, etc..) and digital marketing strategy implementation.

Fun Fact about me:

I can fit a quarter in my belly button.


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