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The Stats

84% increase in
PPC conversions

221% Increase in

New and improved

The Business

Founded in 1973, Mack Hils is a metal fabrication and machining business based out of Moberly, Mo. They specialize in the fabrication of close tolerance machined metal parts.

Their capabilities and equipment include design, prototype, dyes, CNC machining, powder coating, laser cutting, turret punch press, press brakes, wire EDM, metal stamping, MIG welding and TIG welding.

The Challenges

Mack Hils Metal Fabrication & Machining faced challenges familiar to many of today’s business owners. They were one of the best metal manufacturing and fabricating companies in the region, but it was increasingly complex to market their services in such a dynamic landscape, one where nearly all commerce begins online.

They were ready to update their brand and invest in company growth, they just needed an inbound marketing partner with SEO expertise to help grow their brand and drive more sales. They chose the team at Lift Division because of our diverse areas of expertise, proven capabilities, and growing reputation as a dependable digital marketing firm in the Midwest.


The great thing about internet marketing is that we knew where our money was going. Each month the Lift Team reviews analytics with us and we’ve seen a noticeable improvement in website conversions.

- Mike Bowlby, Partner


Although Mack Hils sought to grow their online brand, investing in PPC or content marketing were not the directions the Lift Division marketing team initially recommended. After learning more about their overall business goals, we recommended foundational steps that would help increase their conversion rate, followed by the implementation of a more aggressive marketing campaign.

Lift's first step was to perform a search marketing audit of the Mack Hils website to determine areas of strength and conversely, areas of improvement. After that, we initiated a brand update by updating their logo and modernizing the visual components of the Mack Hils brand. We also worked on ideas for showcasing Mack Hils through video — settling on a full-fledged virtual tour of their facility — and identified keywords and searcher intent in the metal fabrication industry for a data-driven PPC strategy.

The Results

After several website upgrades to improve their conversion rate, Mack Hils’ PPC campaigns took off, leading to an increase in conversions and a decrease in the cost-per-client acquisition. What’s more, now the Mack Hils brand is known not only for their metal machining expertise — with a fresh logo, they’re also on the top of their game when it comes to brand identity.

In addition, Mack Hils’ website now features an attractive, informational video to show potential clients. Fully optimized for search engines and responsive to any device, their video all at once showcases the Mack Hils facility, captures its technical capabilities, and conveys the Mack Hils brand through a comprehensive virtual tour.