Celebrating the Women of Lift Division: Sydney Bennett

Mar 12, 2021  | 

With the celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, the Lift Division team wants to take a moment to recognize the talented women who support our company. In a year of unexpected twists and turns, women have continued to rise to the occasion and break boundaries. 

Meet Sydney Bennett, Content Strategist

Sydney Bennett has been working with Lift Division for a little over a year as a Content Strategist. Through this position, she creates SEO-focused website content and blogs for clients. In addition, she works closely with Brand Strategist, Natalie to assist in monitoring clients’ online reputations through review generation campaigns.  

“Not all companies allow your voice to be heard when first entering the workforce, whether you’re a woman or not. Luckily, at Lift Division there has never been a moment where I felt my age or gender wouldn’t allow my voice to be heard,” Sydney states. “The leadership at Lift believes in the team surrounding them and fosters growth through mentorship and bouncing ideas off one another.” 

Continue reading to hear more about Sydney’s experience at Lift Division as a woman.

Q: How has working at Lift Division empowered you as a woman?

The atmosphere at Lift Division is constantly encouraging and upbeat. Specifically, as a woman, I feel that my ideas are heard and I am encouraged to speak up. 

Q: What do you love about the women you work with at Lift Division?

Since walking through the doors, I have never felt that being a woman would negatively impact my experiences. The women at Lift Division are funny, intelligent, creative and tremendous role models. They inspire me to think outside of the box and confidently present ideas, whether they be for blogs, web content or design work. Overall, the staff at Lift Division value ideas no matter who they are coming from and have inspired me to confidently present ideas knowing my opinions are valued.

Q: If you could go back in time and give yourself advice as a little girl about the future, what would it be?

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be the best from the very beginning. Enjoy the ride that comes with making mistakes and learning from them. Life is all about growth and the only way you can truly grow is by learning from your failures. Embrace your mistakes and move forward, don’t get stuck looking back.

The team at Lift Division is accepting and understands that obstacles are a part of growth. While we continually push to create result-driven work for our clients, we often rely on one another to get projects across the finish line. With a team that will drop everything to assist one another, we are able to surpass clients’ expectations daily. Without our team-centered attitude, we would not be able to accomplish all that we do. When you collaborate with us, know you are not only getting an expert from one field, but multiple experts are coming together to create a campaign or website that accomplishes your business’s goals.

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By  Sarah Carnes

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Sarah had an interest in art, writing and technology from a very early age. She spent her childhood building websites and designing album artwork. Fortunate enough to attend a high school that offered graphic design classes, she was able to pursue her passion and expertise earlier than most of her peers.

Sarah oversees all operational and visual aspects of Lift Division, including design, community management, photography, videography, recruitment and company initiatives. With over 15 years of experience in marketing, Sarah has been instrumental in the high growth of multiple companies and brands, which included helping a company flourish from a $10M to $45M company. She innovates, leads and executes strategic marketing initiatives from the ground up.

Sarah has held various marketing and design positions including Brake Printing, Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan, Westminster College and Fresh Ideas Food Service as the Director of Marketing. Her career has allowed her to innovate, lead and execute strategic marketing initiatives from the ground up while managing a team of digital marketers. Sarah has managed and developed marketing, communication, branding, digital communities and creative direction for various companies throughout her career.