Celebrating the Women of Lift Division: Kyla Phillips

Mar 09, 2021  | 

With the celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, the Lift Division team wants to take a moment to recognize the talented women who support our company. In a year of unexpected twists and turns, women have continued to rise to the occasion and break boundaries.

Meet Kyla Phillips, Web Developer, Graphic Designer & Photographer

From creating websites and designing graphics to photography, editing, branding and client communication, Kyla Phillips has been providing creative solutions for Lift Division for almost 3 years!

Since starting with Lift as an intern a few years back, Kyla has grown not only as a woman but also in her career by pursuing her passions, working hard and letting the rest fall into place. She believes you should never stop learning. “There are always more methods to learn, tutorials to watch or people to listen to,” she says. 

Continue reading to learn more about how inspiration and creativity has flourished through Kyla’s experience at Lift Division.

Q: How has working at Lift Division empowered you as a woman?

I feel really lucky to be able to not have to think about my gender on a day-to-day basis because Lift Division is so inclusive and proud of the women who work here. I know it can be a different story in other companies and career paths, but I truly have never felt that at Lift Division. Just the simple premise of not having to think about my gender and how it affects my daily work life is empowering!

Q: Who is a woman you look up to? 

I look up to my mother-in-law, Leenie, a ton! She is not only a hard worker, but is a person you can always go to and count on, stranger or not. She works hard to create inclusive environments wherever she goes, is all about positivity, and has raised an amazing family while excelling in her career.

Q: How do you encourage and celebrate women, both at work and in your everyday life?

I love being a hype-girl to the other women on my staff. You don't have to look hard to see how awesome their work is, and I love celebrating it at every milestone. It makes the workdays so much more enjoyable and exciting! The women at Lift Division are the driving force behind the amazing brands, websites and social media presences of so many local companies. Seeing our voices being used across the community has been one of the coolest things about working here. 

The Lift Division team recognizes our female leaders and employees, and encourages each member of the team to grow professionally no matter your gender. Through team collaboration and fostering a culture of respect, we work to create an environment where creativity can thrive. As Kyla puts it, “I’m not only allowed to give my opinion, but I am asked for it. My gender isn’t a barrier and I can speak as loud as anyone else in the room.” 

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By  Sarah Carnes

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Sarah had an interest in art, writing and technology from a very early age. She spent her childhood building websites and designing album artwork. Fortunate enough to attend a high school that offered graphic design classes, she was able to pursue her passion and expertise earlier than most of her peers.

Sarah oversees all operational and visual aspects of Lift Division, including design, community management, photography, videography, recruitment and company initiatives. With over 15 years of experience in marketing, Sarah has been instrumental in the high growth of multiple companies and brands, which included helping a company flourish from a $10M to $45M company. She innovates, leads and executes strategic marketing initiatives from the ground up.

Sarah has held various marketing and design positions including Brake Printing, Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan, Westminster College and Fresh Ideas Food Service as the Director of Marketing. Her career has allowed her to innovate, lead and execute strategic marketing initiatives from the ground up while managing a team of digital marketers. Sarah has managed and developed marketing, communication, branding, digital communities and creative direction for various companies throughout her career.