Why Design is Key for Small Business Marketing

Sep 24, 2014  | 

It’s not uncommon for quality design to be either left on the back-burner or ignored altogether by small businesses who are just starting out. Some of these cases are a result of simple neglect — the perception that quality design is merely an accessory. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Quality design is as vital as having a business card, a website, or even a product itself. In fact, when it’s executed exceptionally well, design can add significant emotional value to a product and overall brand. Simply put, design can bring significant benefits to small businesses in countless ways and should not be overlooked. Because think of it this way: You literally have seconds – 7 seconds to be exact – to harness the attention of a potential customer (according to Business Insider .) So needless to say, you’re going to have to get the most out of those 7 seconds. You’re going to want to stand out — and I’m tellin’ ya, a few sentences slapped on a piece of paper just ain’t gonna’ cut it. 

To achieve real marketing success, you'll need quality design, which ultimately does the following:

Gets Your Name  Out 

First and foremost, great design gets your name out there. As a small business, this is key. Quality design increases visibility and allows you to stand out from your competitors. In order to harness the most powerful aspects of design, look for something unique — something that caters toward your target market and will really stand out from the rest of the clutter. This is where hiring a proven and legitimate graphic designer comes into play, even for the most simple marketing needs. Anybody can throw a few pictures and words in different fonts onto a campaign; a good graphic designer will make something your customers won’t soon forget.

Improves Conversion Rates

Having strong design will help your small business deliver conversions, which is ultimately what every business is seeking to do. Whether it’s your website, a flyer, or something as simple as email marketing, your call to action is what brings in leads and new customers, and it’s something that should stand out. With solid graphic design, you can achieve a better success rate by leading your audiences eye exactly where you want them to look. However, it’s not always just about having a pretty design — your marketing design also needs to be psychologically compelling. In my experience, people sometimes fail to understand this key differentiation. 

Sets Your Business Apart

For businesses of any size, there are many ways that design contributes to successful marketing. However, the main thing a business should focus on is a balance of professionalism and utility. All marketing components should set your business apart, instilling trust and engaging with your target audience. Raising awareness of your brand in a positive light will help you cater to your target audience more effectively and stand out from the clutter of the competition. At the end of the day, great design should evoke an emotional response in a way that captures leads and converts them into customers. 

Whether you’re a new business owner or have owned a business for many years, the importance of quality design should be well understood for any kind of marketing campaign. In particular – and though it’s admittedly trite – you should always try to ‘think outside of the box’ when it comes to design and marketing efforts. What is the best way to capture your target audience’s attention? What are your competitors doing? How can you work off of their efforts to make your design even better? This is where a team of designers and other marketing-minded creatives can definitely come in handy. With the right team, you can generate great design and marketing concepts that will have a significant impact on your end-user, and ultimately make your business more successful.