The New Face of Pay-Per-Click

Jun 18, 2015  | 

Pay-Per-Click advertising is getting a facelift. Later this year, more targeted advertisements will appear on Instagram. The aesthetically appealing photo-based app is just one of many companies cashing in on the potential of social media marketing. With Pay-Per-Click, a business is able to utilize their social media accounts to influence a particular action by a consumer or follower. In the past, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have found success with this form of digital marketing. As Instagram enters the arena, it will combine its visual appeal with advertising to create a new, unique user experience. But what does this mean for your business?


Pay-Per-Click is an increasingly important marketing strategy aimed to direct traffic to your website or page. In the context of social media, it gives you the power to advertise where your customers are. The ability to measure and target ads is an added benefit of PPC. Instagram advertisements will integrate these features with the photo and video format that currently exists.


Similar to the other social media platforms, any Instagram user will be able to advertise or boost their account. From big-box retailers to your local coffee shop, anyone with a handle will have the opportunity to reach Instagram’s millions of users. In fact, the app boasts over 300 million users each month who spend an average of 21 minutes on the interface per day. That’s nothing to dismiss. Targeting allows you to specify which user will see your ad or post. From age to gender, you have the opportunity to direct the content to the customer of your choosing. In other words, you have the ability to put a billboard in anyone’s backyard. For a business trying to reach a specific demographic, that is a powerful and valuable tool.


Different from other Pay-Per-Click platforms, ads that will appear will have to fit a certain aesthetic. Instagram was founded with a goal of providing a visually appealing social media experience. Editing everyday photos and videos into amateur works of art is the main appeal of Instagram, but this shouldn’t be a deterrent. PPC through Instagram allows you to put your business in the hands of your future or existing customers.


Your business’ marketing strategy is not complete without social media. It gives you the opportunity to connect with people you want to do business with. Engaging with existing or potential customers is a necessity in today’s marketing climate. If nothing else, having a presence on Instagram and other social media accounts deepens that connection with your desired demographic. The utilization of hashtags, geotags and image tagging allows you to boost your rankings and reach new people. Social media is just that; it is social. Being a brand that connects and engages with users gives you the power to influence them. With the expansion of PPC into Instagram, that interaction has a new face.


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By  Jake Bowlby

Jake Bowlby is a Sr Digital Marketing Strategist at Lift Division and has helped hundreds of businesses across Missouri grow sales and profits. Jake has considerable experience helping builders, contractors, restaurateurs and many other industries with brand development and lead generation.