Life As A Lift Division Intern

Apr 23, 2018  | 

Summertime is a bittersweet time for Lift Division. Since many of the interns are students here at the University of Missouri, summertime means turn-around time in the intern cycle. As many interns graduate, new interns will need to be hired to fill the places of those of us who are leaving. As a senior, sadly that means I am one of those interns that will be bidding adieu, along with a few others. If you’re interested in becoming my replacement, or replacing any of the other graduating seniors, here’s a little peek into the typical life of an intern at Lift Division.


As with any job or internship, it takes a few weeks to really figure out where you fit in with a company. You might get several different types of assignments before you really figure out your strengths and how you can best help around the office. For example, when I was first hired I started out by mostly writing link-building articles for clients. As time progressed, I have had the opportunity learn other things and perform other tasks.


Our team has expanded since I’ve been here, and so naturally our roles have changed. The interns took over posting on social media accounts and started creating social media strategies. We also help with a lot of inbound marketing for Lift.


Occasionally, to make things exciting, we also compete with each other to see who can get the most new followers on different social media platforms. The prizes are usually goofy, but it is just a fun way to do something different once in awhile and give us interns a different focus for the week in our social media efforts.


Since all of the interns at Lift Division are college students, it is a very convenient job to have. Located right above Subway in the Lofts on Ninth Street, you can come in between classes on your break and work. This means that all of the interns are always coming and going, but we generally meet up for a meeting all together once a week with the fulfillment manager to regroup and talk strategy, as well as bring up new ideas and receive new assignments.


Since Lift Division is a small company, there is a lot of room for growing within your role here. As an intern, you have the opportunity to take on new projects; all it takes is a little self-motivation and asking around to take on new projects. Even as a Content Strategist, I have had the opportunity to work on web design, as well as other tasks that are technically outside my job description. If you have a skill, Lift Division will let you put it to work here. This is definitely not a stereotypical internship where you only get to run and get coffee for your boss. There’s always something to do here, and the managers are always willing to hear your input on different projects.


Although I will be sad to leave, this internship has given me many great opportunities. It has allowed me to explore different areas of digital marketing and strategic communication that I would probably have not received somewhere else. Not only that, it has also allowed me to experience the culture of startups and smaller businesses. Lift Division has been a great opportunity for me as a journalism student, and I will be sad to go! 

If you are interested in becoming a Lift Division intern, check out our openings for Summer and Fall 2015.