Lift Division Celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

Mar 08, 2021  | 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day in 2021, the Lift Division team reflects on the achievements of not only our own staff, but also the women in the community we work with every day. In recent years, women have broken down barriers and accomplished many amazing feats. By all indications, there is no stopping this trend in the near future.

As women have seen all that can be accomplished, they continue to push for a more equitable future. And while change may take time, we recognize to create the change, we must be bold and challenge ourselves. With this comes the #choosetochallenge initiative through International Women’s Day. To celebrate this year, the Lift Division team would like to highlight women who have taken leadership roles and sparked change.

Celebrating Women in our Columbia Community

Here at Lift Division, we have had the pleasure of working with many female leaders who own or play large roles in their businesses. Whether we are creating logos, building websites or strategizing ongoing marketing efforts, supporting businesses and the women behind them is something we’re proud of. 

Crystal Elliot of Atterberry Auction & Realty Company

Long-time Columbia resident Crystal Elliott and her husband Tim purchased Atterberry Auction & Realty Company in 2020. Despite the tumultuous nature of last year, they were able to grow the company while embracing digital auctions, modernizing the brand and honing in on a vision for the future. Crystal’s education and experience in the insurance industry have allowed her to single-handedly coordinate all accounting and human resources efforts at Atterberry Auction & Realty Company, making her integral to the team's success.

Sarah Hoffman of Green Dirt Farms

Founder of Green Dirt Farm, Sarah Hoffman had the dream of sharing humane, environmentally sustainable sheep dairy products with the world. She left her career as a successful academic physician to start a life of business ownership and farm living with her children. She and a small team operate the successful farm, cafe, and cheese shop in Weston, MO. 

Brandy of Lotus Hot Yoga

Driven by a passion for sharing yoga with others and giving back to her community, Brandy recently founded Lotus Hot Yoga, the newest hot yoga studio in Columbia, MO. She’s found that while life may pull you in a variety of directions, yoga has the ability to keep you centered and grounded. Brandy hopes to share this practice and empower others through her new endeavors with her own studio.

Dr. Kimberly Cayce of The Cayce Dermatology Center

With over 12 years of experience in both medical and cosmetic dermatology services, Dr. Kimberly Cayce owns The Cayce Dermatology Center. Providing clients with the highest quality service and results, Dr. Kimberly Cayce values relationships, trust, and education for both employees and patients. She’s passionate about helping others build confidence and focus on enhancing their natural beauty.

Jina Yoo of Le Bao & Jina Yoo's Asian Bistro

Owning two exquisite Asian eateries in town, Jina Yoo continually strives to provide the best cuisine. Known as mid-Missouri’s “Queen of Asian fine-dining,” Jina is continuously refining and updating the menus at Le Bao and Jina Yoo’s Asian Bistro to give guests the ultimate experience. 

Lifting Women on International Women's Day

At Lift Division, we not only celebrate the amazing women in our community, but we also work to empower the women on our team. No matter gender or background, every member of the Lift Division team is respected and valued. With this team-oriented atmosphere, we create bold, results-driven marketing plans that push our clients to achieve their business goals. When we work together, we grow and succeed together. 

Be on the lookout for our International Women’s Day blog series featuring each of the women at Lift Division. This series provides a glimpse inside the masterminds behind brands and how being a woman at Lift Division has empowered them, personally and in their careers.


By  Sarah Carnes

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Sarah had an interest in art, writing and technology from a very early age. She spent her childhood building websites and designing album artwork. Fortunate enough to attend a high school that offered graphic design classes, she was able to pursue her passion and expertise earlier than most of her peers.

Sarah oversees all operational and visual aspects of Lift Division, including design, community management, photography, videography, recruitment and company initiatives. With over 15 years of experience in marketing, Sarah has been instrumental in the high growth of multiple companies and brands, which included helping a company flourish from a $10M to $45M company. She innovates, leads and executes strategic marketing initiatives from the ground up.

Sarah has held various marketing and design positions including Brake Printing, Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan, Westminster College and Fresh Ideas Food Service as the Director of Marketing. Her career has allowed her to innovate, lead and execute strategic marketing initiatives from the ground up while managing a team of digital marketers. Sarah has managed and developed marketing, communication, branding, digital communities and creative direction for various companies throughout her career.