Guide to Rank (and convert) Leads with Mid-Missouri Landing Pages

Jun 15, 2020  | 

What is an SEO Landing Page? 

How to Create a Landing Page With the Power to Rank and Convert Leads in Mid-Missouri.

A landing page is online copy and development focusing on targeting a particular type of customer or client in a specific location or area. This page can be reached through search engine optimized search results, marketing emails or pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Whether the landing page is directly linked to your website, such as a location page, or is a stand-alone page linked to an online marketing campaign, landing pages are created for a customer’s convenience and benefit. 

What are the Differences Between SEO Landing Pages and Homepages?

Landing pages may have a similar layout and design to your website’s homepage, but it is important to note these two pages are different because they have different goals and objectives. By adding landing pages to your website, your business can improve it’s SEO through targeted content. The expert web developers and digital strategists at Lift Division are here to help you understand the purpose of a landing page versus a homepage. 

SEO Landing Page and Homepage Intent 

The goal of a landing page is much different than a homepage’s goal. A homepage gives the user an understanding of who you are as a business, what your site offers and encourages them to explore your services and connect with you. 

A landing page, on the other hand, is meant to be the destination for the user via organic search or SERP. For example, if a user was looking for a specific service in their city, a business could create landing pages designated to the services they offer targeting a specific city or service area. Developing a landing page boosts your SEO and increases the likelihood your business or service will show up in local organic results. Ultimately providing an authentic user experience for potential clients! Additionally, implementing a local landing page strategy allows users to easily access information or a service they are wanting. With landing pages, users do not have to explore your entire site to find the information they need, reducing the bounce rate and increasing the customer’s satisfaction.

The Target Audience of SEO Landing Pages vs. Homepages

Target audiences differ with respect to homepages and landing pages. For example, a homepage has several objectives. It’s designed to explain what services your business offers, who you are as a company and how you are different from your competitors. Also, homepages usually offer several different opportunities for potential customers or clients to connect over a variety of services.

A landing page is created to help your business connect with users when they search a specific service or location. By creating copy that targets a specific location or service, your page has a better chance of ranking organically on the SERP, increasing your business’ overall SEO efforts. Also, landing pages are often used in pay-per-click advertising or email campaigns. However, to increase the success of the landing page and campaign it is very important the content created on the landing page reflects the advertisement or campaign.

How Landing Pages Improve Your Business’ SEO

When looking to improve your digital presence, your first thought may be to redesign your website. While redesigning your website may sometimes be the necessary solution, it is not always the only option. Adding landing pages to an existing website can be what you need to propel your business’s online presence and SEO efforts. A recent report states, “Consumers expect the content they're shown to be relevant, accurate and, increasingly, customized to their preferences and location.” Building landing pages does just this! Explore the benefits of building several landing pages below and contact our web developers to learn how they can elevate your business. 

  • Since landing pages encourage users to take a specific action, search engines will better understand the purpose of your site and rank it higher. 
  • When users are easily able to find the answers they are looking for, your site’s bounce rate is reduced and your site’s click-through-rate is increased.
  • A better consumer experience ultimately leads to a higher chance of conversion and a relationship with a new customer. 
  • Easily track a single page to better understand the visitor’s actions and then optimize the page for better results.  

Adding a landing page to your site allows customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Continue reading about Landing Page FAQs and contact our digital strategists if you have questions about implementing landing pages on your website! 

Landing Pages: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your business serves multiple cities throughout your state or region, adding landing pages to your site can help potential customers find your company. Explore the frequently asked landing page questions below. 

Why can’t I just create a homepage that lists the cities I serve? 

This is certainly an option and not a bad idea! However, simply adding the locations will not be enough to generate locally-focused SERP results for services. So, if you are hoping to rank highly in Google for each city you service, it would be best to add landing location pages as well. Depending on the number of cities you service and the industry in which you reside, it may be difficult to organically rank in each city without location pages. For more information on how location landing pages can enhance your business, contact the web developers at Lift Division. 

If I serve several cities in my state, do I need to create landing pages for each city? 

Answer: It depends. The number of locations in your service area could impact the amount of pages created. The strategy should be created to support your goals and deliver the results you need. By having a few strong location landing pages, you can increase your chances of ranking on Google in the designated city and surrounding communities.   

Can I build Google My Business pages for each city I service and link my landing page to it? 

If you offer services to multiple cities throughout your state you are only able to create a Google My Business account for the cities with a physical location. However, you can create landing pages for each city on your site to help your company rank in Google’s SERP organically. From there, you can add your location to your service area within Google My Business. Contact our digital strategists at Lift Division for help with Google My Business! .

Can I create multiple location pages with the same content? 

When creating location pages or landing pages, it is important to create unique content for each page. In the eyes of Google, duplicate pages are deemed bad practice and will negatively affect your digital presence. If you serve multiple cities and want to create a page for each, you will want to ensure the content for each page is unique ? do not just swap the city name! The design and layout of the page can be the same, but if you want to appear on Google’s search engine results page you will want to ensure the pages are not exactly the same. 

Whether you are interested in rebuilding your brand’s site, adding landing pages to an existing site or discussing ways your business can improve online, the experts at Lift Division are here to help. We help good businesses grow. Get started today by contacting Lift Division at 573-445-0658. 

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