The Essential Guide for Navigating Local SEO: Part 1

Apr 28, 2020  | 

How many times a day do you type questions into Google? Whether you are looking for home builders in your area or the best coffee shops near you, Google can estimate your intent and pull the most relevant results. Have you ever wondered how these results populate or how Google can provide answers for questions you didn’t even know you had? 

Our upcoming blog series will help you understand the importance of your business’s digital footprint through SEO. We will address what it means to have SEO-focused content, properly optimized web pages, and the value of reviews for local businesses. The rules of the SEO are often evolving, but the foundation for growing your business’s online presence remains the same. Let’s begin! 

What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of strategically increasing the number of visitors your website obtains by ranking high in Google search results. 

When searching on Google, there are national and local results. Local results are curated when Google associates your search with local intent. Whether you are looking for a service, store, or restaurant, Google takes location and relevancy into account.

Did you know 50% of users searching Google visit the business within 24 hours of a local search? The importance of your online presence in a digital-native world can not be overstated. If you own a local business or provide services locally, creating a credible website and ensuring your business appears in the top search results is crucial to your success. Explore our blog on the local search trifecta for more information on local SEO and how it benefits your business. 

How to Improve Your Business’s Local Ranking 

As digital marketing experts at Lift Division, we can identify what Google takes into account when determining search results. By identifying what Google deems to be best practices with every algorithm change and by implementing these practices in a business’s online presence, the site’s rank is sure to improve. 

Dive deeper into SEO with us as we analyze organic content, optimized web pages, and business reviews in our upcoming blogs. Furthering your understanding of local search result rankings will help drive traffic to your site and achieve your business goals. 

You may offer the best products and services, but if consumers are unable to find your company online, there is no way for them to know you are the best! Invest in your online presence today. Our free online marketing assessment can jumpstart your SEO efforts. Contact us today for more information! 


By  Sarah Carnes

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Sarah had an interest in art, writing and technology from a very early age. She spent her childhood building websites and designing album artwork. Fortunate enough to attend a high school that offered graphic design classes, she was able to pursue her passion and expertise earlier than most of her peers.

Sarah oversees all operational and visual aspects of Lift Division, including design, community management, photography, videography, recruitment and company initiatives. With over 15 years of experience in marketing, Sarah has been instrumental in the high growth of multiple companies and brands, which included helping a company flourish from a $10M to $45M company. She innovates, leads and executes strategic marketing initiatives from the ground up.

Sarah has held various marketing and design positions including Brake Printing, Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan, Westminster College and Fresh Ideas Food Service as the Director of Marketing. Her career has allowed her to innovate, lead and execute strategic marketing initiatives from the ground up while managing a team of digital marketers. Sarah has managed and developed marketing, communication, branding, digital communities and creative direction for various companies throughout her career.