How Digital Marketing for Small Businesses Helps Your Community

Jun 18, 2019  | 

We all know that shopping local is important for boosting your economy, supporting local groups, and more. But when you are competing against big chain retailers, you can be edged out by their marketing. Strategic digital marketing through Lift Division gives you a chance to go up against the competition. A strong presence on digital gives you the opportunity to have your products discovered.

There are some simple and plain reasons why shopping local boosts your community; and a lot of people don’t realize how it can benefit them, specifically.

Studies have shown that big chain retailers only contributed 13.6% to the local recirculation of revenue in 2018. While local retailers invested 52%, with 3.1% of that being charitable giving. Local companies give over half of their earnings back into their community in the form of jobs, local spending, and charitable giving. Through a stronger digital advertising presence, we can make sure people in the area are aware and encouraged to shop local.

One study showed that locally owned businesses enhance the local economy. For every $100 in consumer spending with a locally owned business, $73 remains in the local economy. Compared with a national business, for every $100 spent in the community, only $43 dollars stays.

Beyond the financial benefits, there are many other positive consequences of shopping local.

What’s the best way to advertise your small business?

As a local business, you know you make a greater effort to get to know your customers compared to national retailers. Your customers will celebrate when you succeed and mourn if you have to close your doors. This same personal investment isn’t there with big chain stores.

You only want the best of the best for your community. If you sell produce, it’s fresher and grown closer to home. Buying from a local store, produce and meat are fresher and sourced from farmers in the area. This makes for a better taste and healthier nutrients.

But with national businesses, studies show that the average distance that food travels is 1,500 miles in a week-long journey before it even reaches your table.

We know that you only provide first-rate products for your community. Lift Division can help you stand out against national brands so people are aware of your products.

How Do Small Businesses Support their Communities?

Local businesses donate more per sales dollar to local nonprofits, events and teams compared to national chain.

Shopping at local businesses also helps to create a relationship-based economy, where restaurants may work together to create demand for local ingredients, and consumers and small-business owners know each other.

Local business owners tend to be more caring of the community, whether they’re sponsoring local Little League teams, volunteering with local charities, or participating in community charity events.

Lift Division can help you showcase your nonprofit and community involvement to increase your position in a relationship-based local economy, and encourage individuals to shop local, instead.

Your Community is One-of-a-Kind

Local businesses make your community unique. That hole in the wall diner down the street or the local boutique downtown makes your town what it is. This combined presence of local businesses in your town makes it stand out against other cities in the world.

Supporting these businesses more ensures that your one-of-a-kind town continues to have it’s unique flair. We know your business is one of a kind. You have a unique business and want to make sure you’re discovered by the people in the community. We can help you enhance your digital marketing to help you and other local businesses grow.

Boosting your local businesses is good for the economy, and Lift Division can help in areas from SEO to logo design to optimize your local brand.


By  Jake Bowlby

Jake Bowlby is a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Lift Division and has helped hundreds of businesses across Missouri grow sales and profits. Jake has considerable experience helping builders, contractors, restaurateurs and many other industries with brand development and lead generation.