Creating Quality Blog Content For SEO

Jun 17, 2019  | 

You remember that time you just got home from work and all you could think about was what you were going to have for dinner? You decided you wanted to try something new so you went to Google and looked up a recipe for lasagna. After browsing, you decided you wanted to make a meatless sauce or use non-dairy products so you modified your search until you found the recipe that fit your needs. Now you have a trusted resource to go to the next time you want to make meatless, non-dairy lasagna. But what about when you are on the other side providing the answers and you want to be sure that your recipe for delicious non-dairy lasagna is reaching consumers?

To improve your organic rankings on search engines, it's important to understand how search engine algorithms work and how to optimize your content and website accordingly. Search engine optimization is an overarching strategy that refers to creating content, optimizing existing content and developing websites in a way that appeals to searchers and search engines. Here's some of what goes into creating quality content from an SEO company's perspective, and the techniques and guidelines we use to put your business in front of more potential customers as they're making purchasing decisions.

Planning and Strategizing SEO Websites

Before we even get started on content creation, we will strategize the design and layout of your website.Your site navigation should be clear, the flow of the website should be easy to understand, and there should be numerous calls-to-action.

When creating content, our number one concern is your target audience. We ensure that your website, photos and content accurately depict who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you're better than your competitors. For example, if your site is for a restaurant you will want to include information such as your menu, and location whereas an auto repair shop might include a list of services provided and customer reviews.

Staying Up-to-Date with Search Engine Best Practices

More than 90% of  worldwide searches are done on Google, making it the king of search engines.  Google receives over 63,000 searches per second. With this many searches happening, Google is constantly updating its core ranking algorithm. Since Google does control such a large majority of the search market, we make ourselves experts in its ever-changing algorithm. Many people feel overwhelmed and see the constant updates as a way to penalize sites but it is actually meant to help searchers connect with content easier.

Google's main focus is always user experience. Because of this, Google updates its core algorithm often. By using search engine marketing trackers, attending webinars and looking to leaders in the industry we are able to stay up to date. These updates can be minor changes or major ones. As a digital marketer, we look to Google to inform us on best practices for user experience and audience engagement through content creation.

Identifying High-Impact Keywords

Searches don't just happen. They require a user to enter  keywords. As a digital marketer and SEO content creator, we must understand how people are searching. This means we're looking at what words they're using, how they're using those words, what similar words appear, and so on and so forth. One big issue content creators run into is not writing for their audience. As mentioned earlier, it's essential that a digital marketer understands the target audience in question and how they talk about the product, business or idea. By removing jargon and anticipating consumer behavior, we can incorporate keywords that bring a business in front of those customers.

Many people  jump the gun by creating quick and easy keywords; but we have found that there is also a place for using very specific phrases that target things a user can be looking for. For example, if a searcher looks up shirts, it’s a safe bet that they will probably browse your shirt store. But if they search white shirt with bow in front, there is a good chance that this person is ready to buy once they find what they are looking for.

Another thing we look at when compiling keywords are your competitors.  First we look at the industry standard and see what you may be missing that is giving your competitors an upper hand. Once we fill in these gaps we go even further to make your site go beyond what everyone else in your industry is already offering. Once your site is more comprehensive than your competitors, you naturally fit more searchers’ keywords.

Creating SEO-driven Content

It's easy to write a page about home remodeling; there are literally thousands on the internet. Great content goes beyond the basics and explores deeper to provide the best content a consumer can access. This means that we'll write about what home remodels increase a home's value, smart home remodels, remodeling for specific climates or weather patterns, remodeling for different life stages, and remodeling for different budgets.

We start by looking at your company and making sure we have a strong understanding not only of who you are but also the changes you want to see in your website. When you are working on your site, of course the basics come to mind like making sure you  have a header and a title. We help to make sure that your website is prioritizing exactly what you want both with searchers and search engines. By using header tags and title tags it can tell crawlerbots how you see your site and what you think the most important things are in transcending order.

Once you got this we will help to make sure that your content flows naturally and will be easily read by your page viewers. All content written at Lift is read by at least two additional pairs of eyes. By having a  diverse range of people look at the content we like to make sure that the content is understood by a variety of people.

One thing that Google updates have shown is a preference for long style comprehensive webpages opposed to multiple pages with little information on them. Therefore we make content that is backed by research and goes into depth rather than having basic content that can easily be found in many different places.

Promoting SEO Content Across Social Platforms

With so many tasks involved in running a business, it is easy to let updating your site or socials fall by the wayside. By creating scheduled or automated posts you can set things to appear at a time that is shown to have online audience success without having to make sure that you post it within that time frame. It is so accessible now to make automated content but often these have a robotic tone and make people confused or uninterested when reading, so when we use these things we are sure to make it is effective by fitting the voice your site already presents. Many sites add pictures to help people get a text break and visual stimulation, by adding descriptive alternative text to your images we help not only the visually impaired to navigate your pictures but also crawlerbots. When working on your content our goal is to use the resources we have with the brand you have cultivated and turn it into a strong online version of your business.

Give Lift Division a Call for Effective SEO and Content Marketing

This isn’t all that our services offer but it is a start on how we help your business with online growth. With all of the updates of the online world we want to help you with the tools you need to become a trusted content creator no matter what your business focuses on. If you’re interested in learning how SEO content can improve your business, give us a call.