Celebrating the Site Launch for Harpo’s Bar & Grill

Apr 07, 2020  | 

Lift Division's Latest Web Design & Development in Columbia, MO

In spite of the crazy times we’re living in, Lift Division is celebrating a victory: The recent launch of Harpo’s Bar & Grill’s website! The team at Harpo’s came to us in December of 2019 looking to revamp their online presence. Their old website had outdated information, was difficult to navigate and had disproportionate design elements. Our team at Lift Division was tasked with creating a modern, functional website that still honored Harpo’s vintage appeal and deep-rooted heritage. So, our web developers, designers and strategists got to work. The end result? A beautiful, updated site that timelessly showcases one of Missouri’s most beloved brands.

Our Web Strategy for Harpo’s Columbia

It’s no secret that Harpo’s is a favorite sports bar among college students and alumnae in Columbia. From a classic pub scene to a popular nightclub, it really has it all. However, Harpo’s wanted to communicate more than that with their new site. It was important to them to prove that Harpo’s is a bar for everyone. 

They had recently developed a new menu that deserved the spotlight. For audiences of all ages looking for a place to eat, the website needed to reflect their food options more prominently and clearly. Our creative director and web designer arranged a food photoshoot to achieve this. The new photo gallery boasts high-quality photos not only showcasing drool-worthy appetizers and entrees, but the connections people share over a meal. 

Additionally, Harpo’s wanted to better emphasize the versatility of its event spaces with clear, updated information. The local favorite offers six full-service bars for rental, as well as a state-of-the-art Top Golf Swing Suite. Taking all of this into consideration, our content strategists set out to tell Harpo’s story with a wider, more dynamic target audience in mind.

Implementing a Fresh Digital Design

One of Harpo’s biggest complaints about their previous website was the confusing design elements. Beyond making the new website visually appealing and easy to navigate, graphic designer Kyla had a vision of her own and took the creative liberty to create custom illustrations. 

“Harpo’s is known for its culture, and I knew right away I wanted to use graphics to pull that personality out of their business,” Kyla said, adding that the texture really brings out that vintage appeal the client wanted to showcase. This artistic effort resulted in an exciting surprise for the client upon launch and a creative touch unique to Harpo’s.

Website Launch Ahead of Schedule: Adapting to Covid-19

In these uncertain times, businesses are closing their doors, people are working from home and restaurants are turning to carry-out. To adapt to the situation, Harpo’s needed its website to communicate curbside and delivery options to the public. Our team picked up the pace and launched the Harpo’s website ahead of schedule with an added touch: a call to action on the homepage linking to Doordash, encouraging people to order from their menu online and take advantage of carry-out. In times like these, acting fast is crucial to keeping our clients happy and their customers informed. 

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