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Jul 01, 2020  | 

Celebrating the Launch of Allens Ordinary

The local distillery Allens Ordinary came to Lift Division with an amazing set of company attributes: A rich history, bold personality and a deep appreciation for bourbon. Our team is celebrating the launch of not only the company’s new website, but of its long-existing brand finally being expressed through sleek web design, photography and social media. 

The foundation of this project was built upon initial meetings with Maury Allen, owner of the distillery and great grandson of the ordinary’s original founder and Jake Bowlby, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Lift Division. It was evident that the company’s 200-year-old legacy was the heart of his company. Our task as their digital marketing company was to tell their story, foster brand awareness and let Columbia, Mo bourbon aficionados know about their promising future in the community.

The first step? Brainstorming the visual representation of their brand. 

Elevating a Mid-Missouri Brand With Professional Photography

Allens Ordinary’s brand tells a story, and its online presence and photos needed to as well. We kicked off their digital marketing services with on-site professional photography at their Columbia, Mo distillery.

Kyla Phillips, Photographer at Lift Division, noted that this project was unique since she was not only shooting photos for a website, but for brand new social media channels. The look and feel of the brand were to be industrial, modern and playful. Phillips strategically edited the photos to reflect that goal. “I made the shadows more apparent and edited the color to pop, adding more vibrancy and playfulness,” she explained. 

The result? Stunning photos that built the visual foundation of the brand, ready to be reflected throughout Allens Ordinary’s digital media.

Building a Social Presence From Scratch

Creating an online voice for Allens Ordinary through social platforms was important in fostering brand awareness. The local distillery had been doing amazing things behind the scenes, like slowly aging quality bourbon, selling fine spirits and mass producing bottles of sanitizer in response to Covid-19, but the community didn’t know. 

Lift Division took the reins and developed the social media strategy for the local Columbia, Mo distillery. The strategy was multichannel, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Each features original photography, custom graphics and provides the community with updates. Allens Ordinary’s social presence is an ongoing project that will only continue to grow alongside the brand. 

Strategic Web Design for a Columbia, Mo Distillery

With the visual building blocks in place and brand awareness growing, Allens Ordinary’s website development took off. Content Strategist Natalie MacIntosh worked to expand upon the company’s story, which was woven into the web design by Creative Director Sarah Carnes. 

The distillery’s history is showcased on the website through detailed, engaging storytelling and historic photos provided by the Allen family. Along with spirited typography and design full of contrast, these priceless elements come together to clearly communicate the authenticity of Allens Ordinary. 

Carnes reflects on the project as a way to pay homage to a company that’s dedicated to its roots and imprint on the community. “We had to execute at a caliber that a company like Allens Ordinary deserves,” she said. “We’re grateful that they gave Lift Division permission to bring that rich history to life.”

Building A Faster, More Responsive Website

Before coming to Lift Division, Allen’s Ordinary had a one-page site that outlined a great brand story. However, search engine optimization standards had not been met throughout the copy and the website wasn’t responsive on mobile devices. In addition, the website’s desktop page speed of 75 needed improvement.

Optimizing your website will improve your page speed and help you rank higher in Google. Plus, your site will be more user-friendly, which is a major determining factor in retaining web traffic and earning conversions! After Lift Division’s launch of the new website, Allens Ordinary’s desktop page speed improved to a score of 86, surpassing the benchmark that indicates a page is performing well. 

Digital Marketing Services in Columbia, Mo

The team at Lift Division takes pride in watching brands come to life through digital marketing. If your Columbia, Mo business is in need of web development, web design or creative branding, reach out to Jake Bowlby at [email protected]! We’d love to partner with you and help your business grow. 

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By  Rusty Brett

Rusty Brett is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Lift Division. With several years of entrepreneurship, business ownership and marketing experience under his belt, Rusty has a passion for not only launching businesses, but also helping other businesses grow their sales and client base.