Award-Winning Designs by Lift Division

Nov 22, 2021  | 

Award-Winning Designs by Lift Division

Working hard for our clients means creating engaging, SEO-driven content and developing websites that are user-friendly and generate leads. This hard work has resulted in brand identities and websites our clients love, as well as awards. Lift Division is incredibly proud to announce that we have received awards for our work with Boone Health and Lotus Hot Yoga.

A Strategic Approach to Content Creation & Web Development

Designing a Comprehensive Website for Boone Health

According to Chief of Digital Strategy, Jamie Stephens, designing a website for Boone Health was a challenge that was made substantially easier through collaboration. The team at Boone Health was an incredible asset throughout the development process. Boone Health’s website required a lot of content. When developing such a large website, it can be a challenge to manage a diverse portfolio of information. Our goal? To deliver the content to Boone Health’s audience in a simple and easy to navigate format. 

How To Create a Homepage That Is Functional & Beautiful 

To make this happen, we had to start on the right track. That means creating a homepage that provides critical information to a very broad audience, including patients and employees. The clean layout is easy to read, well-structured, and provides plenty of helpful calls to action that guide users to where they need to go. 

A key component of the process was Lift Division’s strategic approach thanks to a comprehensive content audit. Our brand strategist and content strategists completed an exhaustive content audit and worked closely with the Boone Health team to review, modify, and bolster the content you see on the website today. This collaborative effort was critical to the website’s success.

Creating a website for an organization as important as Boone Health was a task the team at Lift Division did not take lightly. We’re extremely proud of the work that went into creating and developing the award-winning website for Boone Health.

Crafting an Innovative Brand for Lotus Hot Yoga 

The creative team at Lift Division loves developing new brand identities. Lotus Hot Yoga knew exactly what direction they wanted to go with their branding, and Lift Division was thrilled to bring that vision to life. Web developer, photographer, graphic designer, and Lift Division all-star, Kyla Phillips, was heavily involved in the design of the website and all of its branding. Kyla loved collaborating with the Lotus Hot Yoga’s owner, Brandy Turner. To bring Brandy’s vision to life, Kyla spent time researching, sketching, and drafting before arriving at the perfect design to encapsulate the brand. 

How Lift Division Brings Your Vision to Life

One of the goals for the Lotus website and branding was to have the design feel organic and interactive while maintaining a clean and straightforward look that is easy to navigate. To achieve the aesthetic of the website, the design incorporated energetic and lively colors, with the lotus branding threaded throughout the design. Yoga is all about movement, and the Lotus Hot Yoga website is just the same. Movement and interactivity were achieved through clickable text, buttons, and text and images that respond to the users’ movements across the site. 

How Photography Can Make or Break Your Brand

Kyla initially designed Lotus Hot Yoga’s website using stock photography. Fortunately, Kyla is just as skillful behind a camera lens as she is at web development. Lotus Hot Yoga participated in a photoshoot that allowed Lift Division to capture the true spirit of the brand. When you visit their website, you see the same faces you would see when you walk into their studio. It was a joy to partner with Lotus Hot Yoga and we are so honored to have won an award for our work with this team. 

Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Lift Division

Having a well-thought-out and executed digital marketing strategy is crucial in today’s web-based environment. If you are ready to transform your strategy, contact the marketing experts at Lift Division. Our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life.