How Transforming Your Site Can Lift Your Business

Aug 07, 2018  | 

At Lift Division, our goal is to improve your website’s overall appearance and functionality. Our first step is to meet with our clients one-on-one to ensure the website we create accurately represents your brand and reflects the company entirely. Then, we create an Inflight Menu–a guidance tool which incorporates the design ideas we think would work best for your brand. When creating the Inflight menu, we keep your branding guidelines and overall goals for the website in mind. From there, you pick and choose the elements you prefer to be implemented in your site. After you review and approve your final Inflight Menu, we begin developing your website.

In this day and age, a majority of people are searching and viewing websites on their mobile devices. According to Stastica, in April 2018, Google accounted for 93.5 percent of the mobile search market in the United States. Overall, 56.6 percent of websites are viewed online, this indicates over half of your webpage searches will be on a mobile device. We strive to give your website the best possible functionality for your users–which is why we prioritize optimizing your new and improved site for both computer and mobile platforms.

Below are some examples of websites we have redesigned so you can get a better idea of what exactly it is we do here at Lift Division. In these before-and-after screenshots, the improvements are not only physically apparent, but are also much more complex and strategic. We set your site up for SEO success by ensuring the current best practices for SEO and web development are implemented on your site.

All of the “After” redesigned sights are live and interactive (and screenshots just don’t do them justice)–be sure to click the links in the descriptions and check them out!

Clean Air Columbia

Before: The layout of the Clean Air Columbia webpage was clunky, boxy and dark. This design did not represent the company’s services, making it difficult for the user to get a feeling for what the company does right away (which is essential). The old webpage also appeared to be uninviting and outdated.

After: Clean Air Columbia’s new and improved website focuses on freshness, lightness and brightness, evoking a sense of having fresh/clean air within the site design. The new site accurately represents the company’s services while keeping the appearance aesthetically pleasing. Lift Division created an improved, user-friendly experience by implementing easy-to-use navigation tools with a crisp and clean look. This website allows users to receive the experience Clean Air Columbia offers to their clients–professional, high quality and optimum air duct cleaning services.

Argosy Console

Before: Due to poor formatting, users who visited Argosy’s old website could not clearly see the company’s brand name–an pivotal part of a site’s home page. The site’s organization was also confusing and not intuitive for the user, which put it at risk of having a high bounce rate. A good website is one that is simple enough that it’s easy to use, but is also interesting enough to keep the user engaged.

After: When redesigning Argosy’s new website, the web developers at Lift Division wanted to convey a professional, clean design that is still fun to use. Argosy is a company which makes “technical furniture” for DJs, recording artists, and more. The web developers at Lift Division believed Argosy needed a high-tech yet simplistic design, showcasing their extensive products while providing easy navigation. Now, users have a clear picture of what the company does and are able to easily find information about the products they may be interested in.

M&W Hauling

Before: M&W Hauling’s old website was not optimized for mobile use. As mentioned earlier, mobile optimization is very important when it comes to website development and quality functionality. Aside from the incompatibility with a mobile platform, M&W Hauling’s website was confusing, unclear and boring to look at and interact with.

After: Lift Division rebuilt and redesigned M&W Hauling's website for both computer and mobile platforms, keeping efficiency in mind. The custom-written content improved search engine optimization (SEO) rankings (which include title tags, alt text, meta descriptions, Htags, keywords etc.). By improving M&W Hauling’s website design, mobile platform, logo and SEO, the company now provides an accurate and aesthetically pleasing representation of how this waste hauling company operates their business.

There is more to a website redesign than a change in layout and design components; we take all SEO best practices into consideration so that your new and improved site is fully optimized for success. Let us help you “Lift” your business today!