A Business Write-Off That Brings in Money

Dec 01, 2018  | 

The LIft Division Blog ViSUAL STYLE Guide!

Some helpful hints for putting your blog post together:

  • When possible use 'dot' style lists over numbered lists.
  • Do not use bold text as a heading.  Use an actual heading tag (available under the top left drop-down)
  • Generally speaking avoid using h1s within the body of your blog.  Try to stick to h3's and h4's
  • Keep in mind that your blog will be viewed on devices of many different sizes: positioning things 'exactly' where you want them via spaces or tabs will likely miss-position them on other screen sizes.
  • Don't change font sizes, colors or alignments unless there is a very good reason.  If you want to emphasize text bolding and italics may be used sparingly.
  • Try to break up your text with white-space or approved graphics.
  • Positioning images can be complicated, if you can't get it right don't be afraid to ask someone who knows html.

By  Rusty Brett

Rusty Brett is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Lift Division. With several years of entrepreneurship, business ownership and marketing experience under his belt, Rusty has a passion for not only launching businesses, but also helping other businesses grow their sales and client base.